Cox’s Bazar to Saint Martin Ship Ticket Price ( Karnafuly Express)

Cox’s Bazar to Saint Martin Ship Ticket Price ( Karnafuly Express Ship Ticket Online )

Teknaf to Saint Martin Ship Route is very familiar to the tourists visiting Saint Martin Island. But, many tourists do not know that they can visit Saint Martin from Cox’s Bazar by Karnafuly Express Ship. Today, we will discuss, Cox’s Bazar to Saint Martin ship Ticket Price ( Karnafuly Express).


Karnafuly express ship ticket online booking

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Cox’s Bazar to Saint Martin Ship Ticket Price (karnaphuli express ship ticket price )

The following is the cost of a ticket from Cox’s Bazar to St. Martin: karnaphuli express ship ticket price is given below. 


Sl NoCoach CodeTwo Way Price (BDT)
1Lavender & Marigold2500.00
2Gladiolus & Open Deck3200.00
3Lilac Lounge3200.00
4Chrysanthemum Lounge3600.00
5Single Cabin 1 Person6500.00
6Twin Cabin 2 Persons10000.00
7VIP Cabin 2 Persons18000.00
8VVIP Cabin 2 Persons25000.00


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You can contact Cholo Bangladesh Tours for booking tickets for Cox’s Bazar to Saint Martin trips.

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Cox’s Bazar to Saint Martin Ship Ticket Online Booking:

St. Martin is a popular tourist destination in Bangladesh for people who love to travel. Karnafuly Express Ship will be the best option for a trip from Cox’s Bazar to St. Martin. There is an enormous demand for tickets in winter. So it would be wise to book tickets in advance. 

Cholo Bangladesh Tours will make it simple for you to book a ticket for the St. Martin excursion.

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+8801624502265 (Whatsapp)

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Cox’s Bazar to Saint Martin Ship Schedule (Karnafuly Ship Schedule)

The daily cruise ship MV Karnafuly Express departs from BIWTA Ghat of Cox’s Bazar at 7 am for St. Martin. MV Karnafuly Express Ship departs from Saint Martin Island at 3 pm.


Every Sunday, Tuesday, and Friday they provide live music while traveling on MV Karnafuly Express.


About Karnaphuli Express Ship

MV Karnafuly Express provides direct Cox’s Bazar to St. Martin ship. In just 5 hours, you will reach St. Martin’s Island. They depart from BIWTA Ghat of Cox’s Bazar at 8 am and return at 3.00 pm from Saint Martin.

The Karnafuly Express ship has a capacity of 547 passengers. It is well equipped with 510 seats and 17 cabins. They provide Economy Class Chair, Business Class Chair, Economy Cabin, and VIP Cabin.

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Cox’s Bazar to Saint Martin Ship Service:

 There are direct travel facilities from Cox’s Bazar to St. Martin. Two ships offer this facility. One of them is MV Karnafuly, and the other is MV Bay One. Of these, Karnafuly will be the best option for you.


Some Common Questions and answers about this post

How to go from Cox’s Bazar to Saint Martin?


There are only 2 ways to go to saint martin from cox’s Bazar. 

  1. Direct by Karnafuly Express
  2. Go to Teknaf by bus, Private vehicle, Cng or Jeep. Then catch the ship to saint martin from Teknaf. 


Is Karnafuly Express an AC Ship?

– Yes, Karnafuly Express is an AC Ship.



What is the lowest price of Karnafuly Ship?

Tickets for Lavender & Marigold Coach can be booked at the lowest price. They put up a total of 2500 TK including up price and down price. You can easily book a ticket for Karnafuly Express Ship from Cholo Bangladesh Tours. You will find the best service here.


How long does it take to reach Saint Martin from Cox’s Bazar?

– It will take around 5 hours to reach St. Martin from Cox’s Bazar.


How to book Karnafuly Express Ship ticket?

– Karnafuly Express Ship will be a good choice for you to travel from Cox’s Bazar to St. Martin.  Cholo Bangladesh Tours sells the tickets of Karnafuly Express. You can buy tickets by visiting our office as well as from home. We have a home delivery system inside Dhaka that costs 50-70 Taka. For outside Dhaka, we send tickets by Sundarban Courier and Pathao Courier.


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+8801624502265 (Whatsapp)


What is the distance between Cox’s Bazar and Saint Martin by ship?

– Distance between Cox’s Bazar and St. Martin is around 94  km. By Karnafuly Ship it takes around 5 hours to reach saint martin from cox’s Bazar.



Cox’s Bazar to saint martin ship ticket price 2021-2022

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