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Saint Martin Ship Ticket Online Booking bd is very easy now. You can Book Saint Martin Ship Ticket from your home. Cholo Bangladesh Tours offers the lowest online service charge in Bangladesh. Saint Martin Ship Ticket Online Booking from Cholo Bangladesh Tours. You can also book by sending SMS on whatsapp.

The ship from Teknaf to St. Martin operates from November to March.  If you want to travel to Saint Martin from April – October, you have to go by trawler or speedboat. There is a huge demand for ship tickets from November to March. That is why it would be wise to book tickets in advance. Saint Martin Ship Ticket Online Booking form is given below. Fill the form to book ship tickets.

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Teknaf To Saintmartin Ship List : Saint Martin Ship Ticket

There are more than five ships operating every year from Teknaf to St. Martin. But there are differences in the fare of ships. The quality of service also varies from ship to ship. It takes 2:30 hours to 3 hours to reach St. Martin from Teknaf. Here are the details of the different ships to Saintmartin Island.

1. Keari Sindabad Ship Service:
Keari Sindabad is the largest of all other ships from Teknaf. They provide a variety of services that depend on price. It departs from Teknaf at around 9:30 am. The sitting Capacity is 346 maximum.

  1. Keari Cruise & Dine Ship Service:

Another Keari ship also provides service from Teknaf to Saint Martin. This is an air-conditioned ship. So, the pricing of this ship is higher than the keari Sindbad. The sitting capacity of this ship is 310.
Book Saint Martin Ship Ticket:

Deck/CategoryPrice (Both Way)
Exclusive Lounge1100 Taka
Coral Lounge1300 Taka
Pearl Lounge1600 Taka

3. Bay Cruiser-1 Ship Service:

Bay Cruiser-1 offers premium services though it’s not as big as Keari Sindabad. But, this ship is Air Conditioned and luxurious. The maximum capacity of this ship is 254.
St. Martin Ship Ticket Booking BD:

4. L.C.T Kutubdia Ship Service:

L.C.T Kutubdia Ship provides mainly four types of services. They are given below:

Economy Deck550 Tk
Open Deck700 Tk
Royal Lounge900 Tk
Luxury Lounge1200 Tk

Cox’s Bazar To Saint Martin Ship List

Ship service from Cox’s Bazar to St. Martin is also available. You can go directly to St. Martin from Cox’s Bazar if you want.

MV Karnafuly Express

Two-way ticket price – MV Bay One

Coach CodeTwo Way Price(BDT)
Deck A VVIP Cabin for 2 persons – Including Breakfast & dinner55,000.00
Deck A Special Class Bunker Family for 4 persons – Including Breakfast & dinner55,000.00
Deck A Royal Cabin for 2 persons – Including Breakfast & dinner49,500.00
Deck D (Luxury Seat)4,400.00
Deck F (Economic Class Seat)3,300.00
Deck E (Economic Class Seat)3,300.00
Deck B Presidential Suite for 2 persons – Including  Breakfast & dinner33,000.00
Deck A Open Deck Luxury Seat4,400.00
Deck C Bunker Bed – Including Breakfast & dinner6,600.00

Saint Martin Ship Fare & Schedule

Ship NameTiming (Teknaf to St. Martin)Timing (Teknaf to St. Martin)
Keari Sindbad9:30 AM3:00 PM
Keari Cruise & Dine9:30 AM3:00 PM
The Atlantic Cruise9:30 AM3:00 PM
MV Bay Cruise-19:30 AM3:00 PM

More schedule coming soon

About Saint martin island Bangladesh:

St. Martin is the only coral island of Bangladesh. The visible landmass sinks during the tide. It is about 8 km from the mainland at Teknaf. The government-owned ferry takes around two hours one way.

People also ask

How can we go to Saint Martin Island Bangladesh?

Dhaka to Teknaf:

Dhaka to Teknaf buses is available from Gabtali, Panthapath, Fakirapul, Arambagh, Kamalapur, Abullahpur, and Sayedabad. Some of the popular buses of this route are Saintmartin Paribahan, Syamoli NR, Modern Line, S. Alam, Green Line, etc. It takes 10-13 hours to reach Teknaf from Dhaka.

Teknaf To St. Martin:

The distance from Teknaf to St. Martin is 26.1 km. You can go by ship from Teknaf to St. Martin. The sea is calm in winter. So it’s safe enough to travel Saint Martin from November – March. All ships depart from Teknaf Jetty to St. Martin between 9:30 a.m. & depart from St. Martin’s Jetty for Teknaf at 3 p.m.

How do I get from Cox Bazar to Saint Martin Island?

You can go to Saint Martin from Cox’s Bazar by MV Karnafuly Express Ship. There is another way to reach Saintmartin from Cox’s Bazar. First, go to Teknaf by bus or Private car from Cox’s Bazar. Then catch a ship from Teknaf to Saint martin.

What is Special about Saint Martin Island?

St. Martin’s Island is a popular tourist destination. The real fun of St. Martin cannot be enjoyed without one night staying there. It is better to have two nights. In that case, 1 day can be set aside for Chera Dwip, another day for St. Martin. The fun of visiting the island in the afternoon is different as everyday tourists return in the afternoon. And if you can go to the full moon, there is no point in wandering around St. Martin’s Island at night.

You will find a variety of living coral, multicolored aquatic plants. Every year thousands of tourists visit St. Martin to enjoy the natural beauty, but they are unaware of the vastness of the ocean floor just a mile away. While swimming with the fish, you will fall in love with that strangely calm and beautiful world. You may not want to go back. Scuba diving can be done in St. Martin from November to February every year.

Who discovered Saint Martin BD?

– Millennials ago, the island was an extension of the Teknaf Peninsula, but later some parts of the peninsula sank and thus the southernmost part of the aforesaid peninsula became an island and became isolated from the mainland of Bangladesh. The first settlement began 250 years ago, in the 18th century, by Arab merchants who named the island ‘Jazira’. During the British occupation, the island was renamed St. Martin’s Island after the then Deputy Commissioner of Chittagong, Mr. Martin.

Is there any AC Ship from Teknaf to St Martin?

Yes. Keari Cruise and Dine & Bay Cruiser 1 are Air Conditioned Ships. Book Saintmartin Ship Ticket by filling the form above.

How long does it take to reach St. Martin from Teknaf?

St. Martin’s Island is a very popular tourist destination. It takes 2.5 hours to 3 hours to reach St. Martin from Teknaf.

How to Book Dhaka to Teknaf Bust Ticket?

You can easily book Dhaka to Teknaf bus ticket from Cholo Bangladesh Tours. CBT offers the lowest online service charge in Bangladesh. Saint Martin Ship Ticket Online Booking is also available.

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