Tanguar Haor Boat Rental Price & Tanguar Haor Boat Booking Service 2022 -2023 is available on Cholo Bangladesh Tours. Tanguar haor is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Bangladesh. If you are looking for Tanguar Haor Boat price, you are in the right place. You can also, Book Tanguar Haor Boat & know Tanguar Haor Boat Rental price from below. 

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There are many popular Boats in Tanguar Haor. But this year(2022), the maximum number of premium houseboats in Tanguar Haor will be launched. You will find some popular Tanguar Haor Boat from the list below:

  • Bojra – Premium Houseboat in Tanguar Haor
  • B-Boat 2.0 
  • B-Boat
  • Tanguar Haor Express
  • Manasa Mangal Bojra
  • Chandi Mangal Bojra
  • Rajar Tori Elite
  • TOD haor Cruise
  • More boat list is coming soon…

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আরও পড়ুনঃ সাজেক ভ্যালি ট্যুর প্যাকেজ

Tanguar Haor Boat Rent

Book Tanguar Haor Houseboat and regular from Cholo Bangladesh Tours. We offer a minimum price with hassle-free booking. 

অনলাইনে টাঙ্গুয়ার হাওরের নৌকা বুক করার জন্য নিচের বুকিং ফর্মটি পূরণ করুন। 

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Tanguar Haor Boat Price : Tanguar Haor Boat Cost

Tanguar Haor Boat Cost has changed a lot compared to the previous year. Tanguar haor boat price is given below. Price may change anytime. Please contact us before booking to know the exact price on your booking date.

  • Bojra – Premium Houseboat in Tanguar Haor –
PeopleFull Package Including Food (per person)
  • B-Boat 2.0 – Price will be added soon
  • B-Boat – Price will be added soon
  • Tanguar Haor Express – Price will be added soon
  • Manasa Mangal Bojra – Price will be added soon
  • Chandi Mangal Bojra – Price will be added soon
  • Rajar Tori Elite – Price will be added soon
  • TOD haor Cruise – Price will be added soon
  • More boat’s Price is coming soon…

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Dhaka to Tanguar Haor Distance

Dhaka to Tanguar Haor Distance by Road is about 295 K.M . Normally, It Takes 10-12 Hours to reach Dhaka to Tanguar Haor by Road. You need to go to Sunamganj from Dhaka by Bus and then to Tahirpur by CNG auto-rickshaw or Bike or Private car. From Tahirpur, you need to hire a boat for the Tanguar Haor.

  1. How to book the Tanguar Haor Boat Online?

    You can easily book the Tanguar Haor boat from Cholo Bangladesh. Just fill out the booking form to send a booking request. You can also send messages on Whatsapp: 01624502265

  2. Can I get Tanguar Haor Boat contact Number?

    Please call Cholo Bangladesh Tours to rent or hire a Boat in Tanguar Haor. Tanguar Haor Boat contact Number for booking is +8809638989899 . Whatsapp: 01624502265. Email: [email protected]

  3. Which Premium House Boats can I Book from Cholo Bangladesh Tours?

    You can book the folowing Premium Houseboat from us.
    1. Bojra the houseboat
    2. Chandimangal Bojra Premium Houseboat
    3. Manashamangal Bojra Premium Houseboat
    4.Nayori Houseboat and more coming soon.

  4. How much money do I have to pay in advance to book a boat in Tanguar Haor?

    If you want to book a boat for Tanguar Haor from Cholo Bangladesh Tours, you need to pay at least 50% advance payment for the booking.

  5. Do your Houseboats have separate cabins?

    Yes, We have 6 separate cabins in your houseboats. In each cabin, 2-3 people can be accommodated.

  6. Can I book only Boat without Food package?

    Yes, you can. We offer only boat booking service for B-Boat, Soudagorer Naor,Shakil Khan, Haorer Nao boats.

    But, to book any of our premier Houseboats, a food package is mandatory.